Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the GoodReads First Reads program. *

Corgnelius is just your average, ordinary Corgi...who is the star of a hit Internet blog and is featured on several social media pages as well. His life is typical of many dogs- trips to the dog park, playing with toys, swimming, and receiving his owner's undivided attention. However, his world turned upside down when his little brother Stumphrey came into the picture. No longer was Corgnelius "top dog" in the house; instead, he had to share the spotlight. Over time, there were many power struggles between the two. In the end, they came to love one another and bonded with each other.

Going into this book, I had no idea about their Internet fame. With that being said, I can definitely tell why these dogs are a hit online. They are extremely photogenic. Their personalities seem to jump out at you from their photos. In addition, their owner (Susie Brooks) has a gift with words and connects the reader with the dogs marvelously.

I highly recommend this book for not only fans of the blog, but dog lovers and children as well.

5/5 Stars

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