Monday, August 11, 2014

Fifty Shades Freed Review

This book...what can I say? I must admit that it took me longer to read this book than the other two in the series. It wasn't because this book was horrible- it's far from that- but because I wasn't ready for this series to end yet. As this novel grew closer to its closing remarks, I found myself truly identifying with the characters and felt them becoming almost like dear friends.

Although this novel wasn't the most well written piece of literature in the world, the point becomes moot when one takes into consideration the fact that Ms. James gave us one of the most important gifts that an author can give- character growth. As the series progressed from one book to the next, I will admit that I found myself frustrated at Christian and Ana's antics. Their refusal to change at times aggravated me, especially when certain arguments or situations could have been avoided by doing so. Over time, though, I realized that Ms. James was making a point about the delicacy of human relationships. Personality change, in reality, just doesn't happen instantaneously- and we shouldn't expect characters in works of literature to change at the drop of a hat either. As readers, we often have a tendency to become psychologists, believing that if characters behaved in an x way, then y wouldn't happen. However, it is important to realize that time, not force, fixes what ails a character and it's necessary for them to grow at their own pace.

Prior to reading this, I never would I have thought that a piece of erotic literature would have changed how I thought about the very core of human personalities and relationships. To Ms. James, I say this- well done and thank you. 

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